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City Parks

Arma has three parks inside the city limits.

CITY PARK;   Our oldest park in Arma is the City Park which is located on the 300 block of East Washington Street. We have a nice setup for children in the park along with two bocce courts and horseshoe pits. The park also has two shelters that are available to the residents for any outdoor activity. The two shelters have electricity and are located near the city's restroom facilities. The restrooms can be accessed by making a $50.00 deposit at City Hall.

HARRY MCDONALD SPORTS COMPLEX;  Our newest park is the Harry McDonald Sports Complex that was established through his family. The park has a nice Ball Diamond that summer leagues and tournaments are held. There is also a volleyball court and a basketball court. The City Council is currently working with Live Well to develop a walking path around the park which will provide exercise as well as story stations for children. 

HOOKIE PARK; Hookie Park also has a small Ball Diamond plus a nice size pond for fishing an afternoon away. The City Pool is just located directly to the north of the park.