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City Utilities

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How to use your demand electricity more efficiently. If you have a block demand, one way to lower your demand is to start your machines towards the end of the interval and turn them off in the beginning of the interval. The other way to reduce demand is to stagger the start times of your equipment. Make sure that equipment does not come on at the same time. Try to space them apart and run only one at a time. For instance, two 20 KW A/C units running at the same time add up to 40 KWs. Say you pay (example only) $8.00 per KW. If you could make sure that only one of the units ran at a time, you could save $160.00 per month in demand charges. 

You can also change out lights and other equipment for more energy efficient models. The last example that i will give for demand is the classic speedometer versus odometer. Your demand is like your speedometer. Your KWH is like your odometer. If you go 100 MPH, then in one hour you will have gone 100 miles. It will take more horsepower and more gas to accomplish this. However, if you go 10 MPH and you travel that same 100 miles, you will not need nearly as much horsepower, and it will take much less gas. Demand works the same way. I hope this has been helpful to some of you. A small amount of information to help you save $$ and energy. I hope you are able to put this information to use and reduce your electric bills. 


Just some information to help you on your basic electric bills. In the winter, if you can turn your thermostat a couple degrees lower it will sure help on the $$ as well as in the summer a couple degrees higher will help as well. Change out your filters in your unit. If your filters are dirty the unit cannot circulate well and has to work harder to keep to your set temperature. Make sure your doors and windows are sealed good. you don't want to lose your heat or air out those cracks and doors. Just a couple things to help save energy. 



All Utility Bills are mailed on the last working day of each month. If you have not received your bill by the third of the month, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 620-347-4125. We will be happy to print you another bill. 


Bills are due the 16th of each month and if not paid by then, a 10% penalty will be added to the bill. After the penalty is added on the 17th of the month there is a Final Notice mailed out on each unpaid account. The Final Notice informs you that if your Utility Bill is not paid by the date of the notice (seven days including day mailed) your Utilities will be disconnected at 8am on the date stated on the Notice. There is a reconnect charge $10.00 for weekday working hours reconnect. There is a $60.00 reconnect charge for after hours and weekends reconnect for the first time. The second time the information is at City Hall. 


There are five ways to pay your utility bill:

  • Bring your payment to the City Clerk's Office: Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit / Debit Card. 
  • Mail in your payment: 701 E. Washington St., Arma Ks. 66712     or PO Box 829, Arma Ks. 66712
  • Pay it with VISA or Master Card! Phone Number to do this is 1 (888) 604-7888 There is a fee to use this service. 
  • Automatically Deducted from you checking or savings account each month.
  • Place it in the night drop located at the right of the front door of City Hall. 


There are organizations that are out there to help and give assistance to you. 

Catholic Charities - 620-235-0415

LIEAP - 1(800)432-0043

COPE - 620-505-2428                                                                                                                                                                                                             Electric                                                                      

Residential/Commercial Single Demand                                    

A minimum monthly charge of sixteen dollars and thirty-eight cents ($16.38) shall be based on the connected load and includes the first 30 kWh at a rate of $0.546 per kWh. A minimum of 30 kWh is applied to each service.

Next 80 kWh at $0.129 per kWh.

Next 200 kWh at $0.1184 per kWh

The balance of kWh at $0.1130 per kWh. 

Electric Commercial Three-Phase Demand                                 

A minimum monthly charge of Thirty-four dollars and twenty-nine cents ($34.29) shall be based on the connected load and includes the first 30 kWh at a rate of $1.143 per kWh. A minimum of 30 kWh is applied to each service.

Next 80 kWh per KW of demand at $0.129

Next 200 kWh per KW of demand at $0.1184

The balance of kWh per KW of demand at $0.1130

Demand Charge: $7.44 per kWh per KW of Demand.                                                                              

Water - Inside City Limits - The Water Department provides water to approximately 1400 customers within the service area.  
There is a minimum rate of $19.09 for 2,000 gallons or less. Over 2,000 gallons to 8,000 gallons the charge is .00659520 per gallon. Over 8,000 gallons is .00744620 per gallon.                              Water - Outside City Limits - The minimum rate of $32.43 for 2,000 gallons or less. Over 2,000 gallons is .01621500 per gallon.

Sewer (Wastewater)
There is a minimum usage rate of $17.38. Then .00174000 per gallon of usage. If you are on Sewer averaging, The average water usage rate shall be defined as the average use of the customer for the months of October, November, December, January, February, March and April preceding the billing period if available. If average monthly use for the preceding 6 months is not avaliable, the customer shall be billed (at the above sewer rate) based on actual water use until the average as defined above can be determined.