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Business Licens


Bette Lessen-City Clerk Council Members

Vanessa Kent-Asst. City Clerk, Court Clerk Carma Burns - Pres. of Council

Gary Pommier

Bob Lauck

City Hall Howie Camp

701 E Washington St. Richard Kerley

P.O. Box 829

Arma, KS. 66712



Rob Lessen


This letter is regarding Ordinance No. 619

Your City Business License will be due by January 1st, of each year.

All City Licenses will be renewed annually on January 1st of each year. The annual renewal occurs regardless of the anniversary date of the purchase of the first License. This Ordinance takes effect January 1st, 2020.

Licenses will not be prorated.

For each year after 2022 the annual renewal Business License fee shall be due on the first day of January of each year thereafter.

Any License not renewed by January 10th of any year shall then be assessed a $25.00 late fee in addition to the annual Business License fee.

In the event a person fails to apply for and obtain an appropriate Business License, shall be deemed a misdemeanor and the City may prosecute any person failing to obtain a Business License in the Municipal Court of the City of Arma Kansas, with a fine not to exceed $500.00 and a jail sentence not to exceed 30 days. Or both. Each day the Business License is not obtained, may constitute a separate and distinct violation, and may be charged as a separate violation.

Please fill out form completely every year and return with your payment of $20.00 PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THIS AMOUNT WITH A UTILITY PAYMENT. PLEASE MAKE SEPARATE PAYMENT.

If not filled out payment will be sent back until form is received.

Mark the box below if you are no longer doing business so it may be kept on file.

Thank you Sincerely,

Arma City Hall

BUSINESS NAME _______________________________________________________


OWNER NAME _________________________________________________________


EIN# ________________________ OWNER PH# ______________________________


BUSINESS MGR ________________________________________________________


PHONE # _____________________________________________________________


BUSINESS ADDRESS _____________________________________________________


MAILING ADDRESS ______________________________________________________